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lovely to meet you. 

    Welcome my beautiful friends! I’m Lauren Suzanne, I’ve been a proud member of the beauty industry for nine years and a business owner for five. You can usually find me hanging out with my dogs at home, searching through the self help section at my local barnes and noble, or trying desperately to keep my few not-fake plants alive. While I unfortunately wasn’t  blessed with a green thumb, I AM known to work magic with hair and makeup. 


    Its my number one goal to understand what you would really like to get out of your salon experience and help you achieve your dream hair! My specialty is lived in, blended dimensional color that grows out gracefully and best compliments your personal style. When you come to visit my salon you are the star of the show, as I have a cozy private space all to myself so you can kick back, relax and fully recharge (I know my fellow introverts will rejoice). Having a private space also means no judgment if we happen to start a conversation about ghosts, aliens, or the meaning of life. I have truly loved the process of personalizing my space over the years, I love making little changes here and there, many of my guests comment on how it always looks different each time they visit. 


    I spend my weekends during the spring-fall traveling around south west Michigan doing bridal makeup and hair. I became interested in makeup at a young age after struggling with acne and my own self esteem. I am deeply passionate about helping other women see their own unique beauty. I love to encourage those around me to let their inner light shine, and to not be afraid to express themselves through their personal style. How we look has a powerful effect on how we feel, and its my honor to help you feel like your most authentic self, especially on your wedding day! My biggest hope is to Make you feel beautiful and loved always. 


I look forward to meeting you soon, xo Lauren 

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